Blood Orange and Ginger Cocktail Recipe

Blood Orange CocktailSweet and tangy citrus juice meets spicy ginger beer in this simple cocktail. Start with your spirit of choice–vodka or bourbon–and add fresh squeezed juice from blood oranges and Meyer lemons. Top with ginger beer for extra flavor and effervescence.

Blood Orange and Ginger Cocktail Recipe
1 ounce vodka or bourbon
2 ounces fresh-squeezed blood orange juice
1/4 ounce fresh-squeezed Meyer lemon juice
2 ounces cold ginger beer
Lemon or blood orange wedge

Fill a glass with ice. Add vodka, blood orange juice and lemon juice; stir. Top with ginger beer. Garnish with lemon or blood orange wedge.

Makes 1 drink

-Can’t find blood oranges? Try with mandarin orange juice or red grapefruit juice.
-For the best flavor use fresh squeezed juice, and be sure to use ginger beer rather than ginger ale.
-For a nonalcoholic mocktail, mix equal parts blood orange juice with ginger beer.
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