Easy Iced Tea Recipes

Go beyond basic black with these easy iced tea recipes. They’re refreshing takes on iced tea made with oolong, hibiscus flower and green tea.Iced Green TeaJasmine Ginger Iced Green Tea
Jasmine green tea with lime, ginger beer and fresh strawberries.

Hibiscus Green Tea SodaHibiscus Green Tea Soda
A mix of green tea and hibiscus herbal tea, lightly sweetened with honey and finished with sparkling water. (from Eating Clean Recipes)

Blueberry Hibiscus TeaBlueberry Hibiscus Iced Tea
Steeped hibiscus flowers and blueberries, served over ice with fresh lemon. (from Eating Clean Recipes)

Frozen Strawberry Hibiscus TeaFrozen Strawberry Hibiscus Tea
A slushy mix of hibiscus flower tea and strawberries. (from Eating Clean Recipes)

Grapefruit Tea FrappeGrapefruit Oolong Tea Smoothie
Oolong tea blended with grapefruit, orange bitters and ice.

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