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Easy Sambal Baked Tofu Recipe

Sambal Baked Tofu
Tofu is one of those ingredients that seems to mystify many cooks. Honestly, it’s one of the easiest vegetarian proteins to make! I like to crumble it up in a tofu scramble, or simply season and bake it to use in rice or noodle bowls, salads and spring rolls.

To make baked tofu, start with extra firm organic tofu. I love the old school tub tofu, the kind soaking in water. (Forget silken tofu, it breaks easily and, in my experience, always disappoints.) Drain and rinse the tofu with fresh, cold water. Then gently but firmly press the block of tofu between your hands to release extra water. Pat dry, slice and season. Then you’re ready to bake.

Easy Sambal Baked Tofu Recipe
1 package (12-ounces) tub-style extra firm tofu
1 tablespoon sambal oelek chile sauce
1 tablespoon tamari (soy sauce)
1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil

Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a shallow baking pan with parchment paper.

Drain and rinse tofu. Press tofu brick to release excess water; pat dry. Slice tofu brick into 8 slices. Place tofu slices in a single layer in baking pan.

For sauce, stir together sambal, tamari and sesame oil. Spoon and spread sauce over both sides of tofu slices. Bake tofu 20 to 25 minutes until sauce is absorbed and the edges begin to brown. Serve warm or cold. Store in the refrigerator.

Makes 4 servings (2 slices each)

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Tofu BIG Salad Recipe

Vegetarian Tofu BIG SaladCall me selfish, but I don’t like to share when it comes to salads. A BIG Salad is meant to be a meal, not a side dish. The key to a satisfying BIG Salad is to pile on different flavors and textures. Adding a protein is always a good idea, especially when it’s baked tofu. Purchased baked tofu will work in a pinch, but my Honey Sriracha Baked Tofu recipe is better.

Tofu BIG Salad Recipe
3 cups chopped lettuce (green leaf or romaine)
1/2 cup cut-up fresh tomato (I used mixed heirloom cherry tomatoes)
1/3 cup chopped sweet red pepper
1/3 cup chopped cucumber (peeled and seeded, if desired)
2 slices baked tofu, cut-up
1/2 teaspoon toasted sesame seeds
For drizzling:
2 teaspoons olive oil
1 teaspoon rice vinegar
Few dashes tamari (soy sauce)

Place chopped lettuce in a large bowl. Arrange tomato, sweet pepper, cucumber, baked tofu and sesame seeds on bed of lettuce. Just before serving, drizzle salad with olive oil, rice vinegar and tamari; toss to coat.

Makes 1 BIG salad

Vegetarian Tofu Salad

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