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Project Bandit: Sketching an Incomplete Story

The Incomplete Story

What’s the best part of working in a creative field? For me, it’s often the process that’s most rewarding. I love discovering, dreaming, creating and collaborating.

This summer, I participated in a creative collaboration workshop lead by Gary Hirsch. The workshop was an extension of the World Domination Summit– a gathering of people aiming to live remarkable lives in a conventional world. (Chris Guillebeau is the host of WDS and author of books like The Happiness of Pursuit and The Art on Non-Conformity.) Throughout the workshop, Gary lead us through a series of improv exercises and games focusing on collaboration. At the end of the day, we were invited to take a piece of his original art work (a sketch or painting) and create something…anything with it. The idea was to add to The Incomplete Story.

I was drawn to a sketch of a creature I’ve come to think of as a bandit. At first, I didn’t know why I liked this character so much. Then I realized what intrigued me was the many facets and moods of the character. Every time I looked at the black and white bandit I saw something new. To pull out some of the characteristics I made a few sketches. It was a reminder to change perspective and take more than one look at what you are working on.

Art SketchThis sketch was all about perspective. By turning the sketch upside down and editing some elements I saw a whole new character.
Black and White SketchesAnother thing I saw in the character was many moods in the form of faces. I sketched 4 of the faces I found with expressions ranging from blissful to indifferent. It reminded me of the many pieces and parts that make up the whole of each of us.

The story of the bandit is still incomplete because there is more to discover. I’ll keep looking.