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Coffee Banana Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie is for coffee lovers. It’s made with strong cold brew coffee for a caffeine kick and a frozen banana for sweetness and body. The coffee banana smoothie is finished with a spoonful of coconut butter to add richness and flavor.Cold Press Coffee Smoothie
Let’s talk about coconut butter. Coconut oil and coconut butter are not the same thing. Coconut oil is pure coconut fat, while coconut butter is made by blending the flesh of coconut—it includes coconut solids in addition to fat. When you add coconut butter to a smoothie, be sure to add it in solid form. If you add coconut butter in liquid (melted) form, it may sink to the bottom of your blender and solidify in the blades when it is added to cold liquid. (Trust me. Learn from my mistakes.)

Cold Brew Coffee-Banana Smoothie Recipe
3/4 cup cold brew coffee, chilled
1 medium frozen banana, sliced
1 tablespoon solid coconut butter (do not melt)

In a blender container combine coffee and banana; cover and blend until smooth. Add coconut butter; cover and blend until frothy. Pour into a glass.

Makes 1 smoothie (about 1 1/4 cups)

Tip: Make your own cold brew coffee or pick some up at your local coffee shop.Coffee Banana SmoothieMore cold press coffee recipes:
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