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Project Melt: Frozen Pop Recipes

melting pops and raindropsWhat happens when you decide to start a frozen pops recipe project at the end of summer during the hottest week of the year? MELT. You get melt. Especially when you photograph the popsicles outside on your front steps right before a thunderstorm. (Look closely at the picture and you’ll see raindrops in the melting pops!)

Despite the heat and the storm, I created 5 new frozen pops. Check out the recipes from Project Melt.
Watermelon Ice Pops
Watermelon Ice Pops Recipe– an icy and refreshing blend of watermelon, fresh lime juice and honey.
Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge Pops
Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge Pops Recipe– double chocolate equals double delicious. If you like the flavor of nutella, you’ll love these pops.
Peach Frozen Yogurt Smoothie Pops
Peach Frozen Yogurt Smoothie Pops Recipe– a mix of fresh peach chunks, banana, Greek yogurt and vanilla.
Creamy Coffee Pops
Creamy Cold Press Coffee Pops Recipe– strong cold press coffee with creamy sweetened condensed milk and coconut milk. Like Vietnamese iced coffee, but frozen on a stick!
Salted Chocolate Fudge PopVegan Salted Chocolate Fudge Pops Recipe– a pinch of sea salt complements the chocolate flavor in these non-dairy fudge pops. Yup, they’re vegan.