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Chocolate Hazelnut Recipes

It’s World Nutella Day! You know, the day in February that people all over the world celebrate the delicious combination that is chocolate + hazelnut. If you love all things chocolate and hazelnut (and I bet you do), check out the recipe links for Nutella recipes and Nutella inspired recipes posted on the World Nutella Day site.

Obviously, I’m a big fan of chocolate + hazelnut, and have posted several Nutella inspired recipes over the past few years. Here are some of my favorites:
Chocolate Hazelnut Recipes From Eating Clean Recipes: Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie Bites, Chocolate Hazelnut Bark and Chocolate Hazelnut Granola

Chocolate Hazelnut DrinksFrom Drink and Cocktail Recipes: Chocolate Hazelnut CoffeeChocolate Hazelnut Martini and Spiked Hot Drinking Chocolate

More chocolate hazelnut deliciousness:
Nutella Cookies from Frites and Fries
Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge Pops
Nutella and Hazelnut Brownies from Sweet and Savoury Pursuits
Nutella Lava Cupcakes from Cleo Buttera
Nutella and Salted Caramel Stuffed Dark Chocolate Cookies from Hot Chocolate Hits